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Cheese, speck and much more besides from our own farm

Our rustic farm shop, located in the farmhouse’s vaulted cellar, offers delicious organic products from our own farm. Our motto is “Preserving by Eating”: thus we not only process the milk of our Tyrolean grey cattle into tasty cheese, curd cheese and yoghurt, but we also produce air-dried meat and tasty Kaminwurzen, smoked sausages. While stocks last we also offer various ox meat packages and genuine South Tyrolean speck made from Swabian-Hall pigs. There are in addition products from Petra’s herb garden here: seasonal fruit spreads, herbal salts and herbal teas. Please note that we do not always have all products in stock – but you are sure to find something tasty.

Our guarantee

  • Fully professional production of milk and meat products.
  • Organically produced foods.
  • Regular training courses.
  • Certified organic experience dating back over 20 years.
  • Annual organic checks carried out by independent inspectors.

Our farm products

Made for you with love


Our Kaminwurzen or smoked sausages consist of the meat from Tyrolean grey cattle mixed with meat from Swabian-Hall pigs. They are processed, smoked and air-dried using a secret recipe of organic spices.


Original South Tyrolean Speck (smoked ham) from 100% Swabian-Hall pigs, bred in South Tyrol, fed and raised with us and processed by a South Tyrolean butcher. This speck is available only from us: it is fattier than other types of bacon, but the old breed used in its production makes it easier to tolerate.


Air-dried meat from our Tyrolean grey cattle. Our Bündnerfleisch is particularly tasty and also low in calories.


Our tangy farmhouse salami uses meat from the Swabian-Hall pig mixed with meat from Tyrolean grey cattle, which is then processed, smoked and air-dried using a secret recipe of organic spices.


The eggs of our contented chickens (Vorwerk and Deutscher Sperber breeds) are smaller but tastier than “normal” eggs and are also low in cholesterol. They are mainly reserved for our guests, unless of course the chickens are exceptionally productive.


Our fruit spreads are lovingly prepared by Petra using fresh fruit from our garden or from the gardens of organic farmers we know, then refined with organic sugar and an organic gelling agent.


This particularly delicious honey consists of dandelion flowers picked from our meadows then refined with organic lemon juice and organic sugar: dandelion honey is also suitable for vegans.


Herbs from Petra’s garden are gathered, dried and lovingly mixed – always to a different recipe.


Our herbal salt is made from high-quality sea salt, then refined with various dried herbs from Petra’s garden.


Ox meat mixed with meat from our Swabian-Hall pigs, formed into burger patties – perfect for your next barbecue event.


Bratwurst – tasty sausages made of ox meat mixed with meat from our Swabian-Hall pigs, all prepared to Johnny’s secret recipe.

Please be aware that we do not always have everything in stock as we do not buy anything in and only process what we can produce ourselves.
Unfortunately we cannot currently offer delivery by post or similar.

We will also gladly put together individual gift packages for your loved ones or your colleagues.
Just send us an e-mail or come and visit.
We look forward to seeing you!


Individually put together for you

The Oberniederhof offers delicious ox meat from contented oxen. Oxen are castrated male cattle that, unlike bulls, are calmer and less easily startled. The meat of the ox is distinguished from bull meat by its finer marbling and higher fat content: it is therefore more tender, juicier and has a more intensive taste.

Organic Ox meat from the Oberniederhof

Frying, braising or grilling? Which cut of beef is best for which dish?


The rib

The rib comes from the forward part of the animal’s back. It is very juicy as the meat of the muscle is criss-crossed by fine veins of fat, making it ideal for frying, braising and roasting.


The shoulder

Meat from the shoulder is highly suitable for steaming and simmering, but also excellent for a large roast. Fine roulades and steaks can also be cut from the chuck (shoulder) after the tendons have been removed.



Brisket comes from the front and middle part of the breast, surrounded yet scarcely criss-crossed by fat. This cut is somewhat coarse-grained, but very juicy and tasty. It requires longer cooking and is mostly used whole, preferably for boiling and braising. It is however also a favourite among BBQ fans, for example as “smoked brisket”.


The flesh from the calf, leg and shin

The flesh from the calf, leg and shin is rich in tendons and connective tissue and must be cooked accordingly longer so as to become tender. While the calf is suitable for goulash or ragout, the meat from the leg can be used for frying, braising or poaching.
Ossobuco is a traditional Italian stew.



Sirloin is usually cooked in one piece in the oven at a moderate temperature until it is pink (medium), thus keeping the meat tender, juicy and aromatic. The following steaks also come from the sirloin: entrecote, rump, T-bone, Porterhouse, club and of course sirloin steak


The rump

The rump is a tender hip muscle suitable for roasting or grilling and is used for cutlets, rump steaks, roasts and beef tartare.



The fillet is considered the finest cut of beef and is often prepared whole or fried as a steak that must not be cut too thin. It is of course also suitable for grilling.


Leg or haunch

About 50% of the total meat content comes from the leg or haunch, which is in turn divided into several different cuts: round tip roast, sirloin tip side, eye round roast, etc. The leg contains some of the tenderest meat with the least amount of connective tissue. The individual cuts are suitable for roasting, roulades and sautéing.



Schnitzels or cutlets are mainly obtained from the leg and sometimes from the back. They can be briefly fried or braised in the pan.


The boiled fillet

The boiled fillet is probably the best known and most sought-after piece of boiled meat, and it is also ideal for steaming. When air-dried the boiled fillet can also be used for roasting or even sautéing, and is equally suitable for roasting, braising, frying and as sliced meat. Its fatty layer acts to hold the flavour and should therefore not be removed before preparation.


Minced meat, Burger patties, sausages

Our minced meat, also available as shaped burger patties, and our tasty sausages all consist of approx. 60% ox meat and approx. 40% meat from the Swabian-Hall pig.

Slaughtering takes place once or twice a year and meat packages are available while stocks last: pre-orders are also welcome. Just send us an e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.